Baby Girl Wispies Extra Full

Baby Girl Wispies Extra Full

Baby Girl Wispy extra full lash map! 

How to create:

1. Mid to narrow fans to be placed along the bottom and middle layer. I do thicker 0.05 fans to make a fuller look. Feel free to add in some 0.03's on the bottom.

2. Always start with the inner corner and work towards the end.

3. Leave all top layer lashes for the final step.

4. Mark out on the under eye pad with a pen where you want the spikes to go & how many.

5. Use 0.05 lashes and working symmetrically and starting from the inners place the spikes. Place them slightly higher on the natural lash.

6. At the end pull up and adjust all spikes to ensure they're uniform.

What products to use:

All of The Lash Hause products

    • CC 0.05 & 0.03 lashes
    • Original Glue
    • Perfect Fanner Tweezer
    • Curved Isolation Tweezer
    • Superbonder

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