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The Lash Hause

Eyelash Shampoo/ Cleanser

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Eyelash Shampoo/ Cleanser 

Our shampoo has been carefully created with both eyelash technicians and their clients in mind. Our shampoo gently removes any oils and dirt on your lashes, keeping them safe and clean. This will aid in making those lashes last longer and fluffier!

- Can be used before a full set or infills to help remove all traces of dirt, oils, makeup or dust. If these all remain on the natural lash pre application this effects retention. It is essential to rinse off the lashes and remove all traces of the shampoo as well as the lashes being dry before applying the lash extensions.

- Can be used by clients as the perfect lash cleanse during their week to help maintain hygiene of the lashes/ eyes which can help improve eyelash extension retention. 

- We suggest for your clients to use this at least 2-3 times per week to see the best results.

For client and technician use.

Please read directions, ingredient list and warnings on back of bottle before use.

Please note the eyelash shampoo and eyelash shampoo brush are sold separately.