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The Lash Hause

Retention Bundle

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We have created the ULTIMATE bundle for our Lash Hause Babes to help give your clients the BEST RETENTION!

This bundle includes:

One AMAZING Lash Hause Adhesive:

Select BJ Bond, Butterfly Bond or Lash Glue

 The Lash Hause - Eyelash Extension Primer

- Our primer is the first step to better retention.

- We want your lashes to last as long as possible! So this beauty is the first step before any lash application.

- Removes natural oil and dirt build up to allow for better retention. Use before the application of eyelash extensions with a micropore brush to ensure every lash gets the primer it deserves!

15ML inside Bottle

The Lash Hause - Super bonder

- THE BEST for retention! And we’re not joking when we say this!

- Our super bonder is a game changer it helps maximise retention along with curing your glue in seconds.  Once you have completed a set use a micropore brush at the base where your glue bond is on the lash line.

- Helps limit fumes

- Your client will also be able to get their lashes wet too.

15ML inside Bottle

 The Lash Hause - Sealant

- This creates better retention by coating the lash and protecting it from any moisture, dirt or oils

- This fast drying formula is ideal for quick application simply use a micropore brush to ensure you do not over load with product!

5ML inside tube

Due to hygiene reasons liquids and glues are non refundable or exchangeable.

Professional use only - Always patch test liquids before use as per your insurance provider policy